I’m a Motion designer and Vfx Artist working and living in Los Angeles.


I’m a designer and visual effects artist working and living in Los Angeles.


From a young age, Ken naturally gravitated to cinematography and would spend countless hours analyzing classic movies, both on storytelling and style. His passion for art, combined with his love of feature films, naturally led him to pursue a career in the film industry.

Ken O'Donnell's career is a continuous rotation of roles from visual effects designer to creative director. He is fueled by a tremendous internal drive to develop his own signature imprint on the industry. Ken strongly believes in finding time to work on his own passion projects to further his craft and abilities. By pushing beyond personal artistic boundaries of comfort, he is dedicated to continually evolving and exploring new methods of visual expressions.

No matter which phase, veteran or beginner, a creative may be at in their career, it's important to never stop growing or learning, and remember to "Stay curious. Stay Humble."


Looking forward to working with you,

Ken O’Donnell



After Effects 
Keying, rotoscoping, 2D & 3D tracking, animation, motion graphics, and color correction.

Photoshop | Illustrator | Lightroom
Photo manipulation, UI data and design, texture painting, set extension, matte painting

Cinema 4D | Element 3D | 3DS MAX
Modeling, texturing, shading, animation, lighting, FX simulation, camera projection.

PFTrack | Boujou | Mocha
2D tracking, 3D camera tracking, geometry tracking, survery tracking.


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